Charlotte Sartre Saves Xmas

Charlotte Sartre Saves Xmas Cast: Charlotte Sartre, Lance Hart
Genres: Femdom, Strap-on, Pegging, Anal, Hardcore, Blowjob, Ass Licking, Rimjob, Pantyhose, Handjob, Masturbation, Vibrator
Video language: English
Rudolf (Lance Hart) doesn’t give a fuck about Christmas anymore. He’s over it. Being in the front of the sleigh sucks. You get bugs in your face. Miss Santa (Chartlotte Sarte) has to find a way to motivate him. It’s snowing really hard and they need him to save Christmas again. Rudolf mostly just wants his dick wet, so Miss Santa starts sucking his cock. He spins her around, rips open her white fishnets and starts pounding her pussy from behind. He pulls her onto a bench and she starts riding his cock, when all of the sudden it stops snowing… “Well, we don’t need you anymore… You’re fired.”
Rudolf begs for his job. Suddenly he realizes how fucking cold the North Pole is. He doesn’t want to be homeless. He says he’ll do anything. Miss Santa gets a big strap-on cock and tells him that if he wants to stick around, she’s going to fuck his ass 364 days a year. Rudolf is reluctant at first, but once she has him sucking her cock, he turns pretty slutty and starts taking in the ass like a champ. She strokes his cock while she fucks him, edging him for her amusement. She likes to keep her employees begging. She doesn’t let him cum. She edges him a couple times, then makes him worship her body while she cums, then leaves him on his knees.

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Duration: 20:50
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Audio: 125kbps
Charlotte Sartre Saves Xmas

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