Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016 It's New Years Eve, the tree is stil up all dressed in silver and gold, my silver minidress is calling me from my closet. So, it's time to celebrate. While waiting for the ball to drop, and pondering the meaning of a ball dropping on New Years, Johnny makes good use of the background. I mean, this all goes away tomorrow. He pulls out the metal cuffs, metal collar, metal spreader bar....whewie! That's alot of metal! I flip back and forth on my silver gemstoned high heels when I realize what he has in mind. Johnny secures the cuffs around my wrists and ankles, and collar around my neck. Then, he attaches both ankle cuffs to one metal spreader bar and the wrists cuffs to the other spreader bar behind my head. There....standing in a strappado in front of the Christmas tree, I look divine. But, I realize one thing is missing just as I see Johnny striding towards me with silver duct tape. That's right a heavy dose of tape over my mouth should keep me from pleading to get away before midnight!

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Happy New Year 2016

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