Hounds Tooth Dress

Hounds Tooth Dress It's so hard being a working girl in these days and times. I arrive at the office bright and early to find my desk has been removed and the only furniture I have left is a backless chair in the middle of the room. A little bewildered, I sit on the chair in my houndstooth dress, stockings and black high heels, and wonder what type of work I'll be able to accomplish today. You know...without a desk or computer. I'm not left to worry long, when my boss enters with several odd objects in his hand. He advises me that all the red tape and paperwork can wait for now. He's wanted me bound and gagged in his grasp from the day I started here. He proceeds to restrain my arms behind my back in something he calls a leather armbinder. Then, my crossed legs are secured to the chair with some very natural looking rope. Finally he puts a hood like leather contraption over my head that he says is a gag. I am not sure what he expects, but I was never told this was part of the job description! I protest and struggle around, my red corset peeking through the button line of my dress. I don't know how long this continues before he finally releases me. I am quite spent for the day. But, I am also very pleased, because I got paid to do nothing more than sit in a chair tied up and struggling. Beats unemployment!
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Hounds Tooth Dress

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