Shock Part 1

Shock Part 1 Studio: Mustang Studios
Rabid mansex is the theme of this wanton porn spectacle brought to you by the unstoppable Chi Chi LaRue. Some of the hottest bodies and most engorged schlongs in the industry are here for your visual stimulation. No story, no dialogue, just wall-to-wall sex. Alrighty, heres the skinny:
In the first scene (which is also probably the best one because of the limited number of people involved), Vincenzo, Knight and Jones are going at it in some sort of dungeon. Vincenzo is at his unshaven, smutty best, and his companions are top-notch performers with very healthy sex drives. Boot and pit licking soon lead to some frenzied sucking and a lengthy rim job. Jones ends up in a sling, with Vincenzo pumping away like a madman.
Vincenzo then takes a shot at Knights pooper before they all dump their gooey gunk. Foot fiends should note that the sock-sniffing/toe-sucking thats done here is really something.
The next scene is essentially a small orgy. It contains some extremely hot men and the action is inspired, but like all scenes with this much going on, the camera can only linger so long on each activity. I cant describe what goes on here, but theres a lot of dirty stuff. Highlights include young men trying to swallow more than 10% of Hunts criminally oversized hole-puncher, as well as the ultimate crime against nature, where Ryan takes every inch of the aforementioned mule-dick in his puckered starfish.
In the films final scene, another orgy breaks out featuring another gaggle of hotties and the triumphant return of Hunt and his gargantuan elephant trunk. If spitting is your bag, youll really dig the extended projectile saliva swap betwixt Dane and Cooper. Hunts scary package ends up inside Shaw, who rides him as gracefully as anyone who has a 12-inch schlong up his or her ass can. A group jerk-off is the films grand finale.

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Shock Part 1

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