Sydney Hale - Hogtied & Hopeless

Sydney Hale - Hogtied & Hopeless The white rope was brought out and when the white rope comes out, that means it's going to be a tight tie. And it was, my hands were instantly starting to go numb. Everytime I thought my guy was going to be done kept adding more rope. He kept saying "just one more..." how many times can you say just one more...oh yeah until there isn't anymore rope left. As he tied my limbs up into his very own little hoggy he just loved watching me squirm in pain as my arms and hands went from numb and tingly to are they still attached! He loved every minute of it as I struggled and moaned into my panel harness gag, pleading up at him from watery brown eyes..

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Sydney Hale - Hogtied & Hopeless

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