Alexis Rain Accepts the Escape Challenge - Part 3

Alexis Rain Accepts the Escape Challenge - Part 3 This clip starts where Part 2 ended... Since Alexis did not escape, and since she doesn't want to give up, she is tickled. I'm not much of a tickler, lol, but I do my best and judging by her reactions, I'm not that bad at it. After a while, I remove her gag and then I continue tickling her ribs and feet. After a good amount of tickling, Alexis has earned another 5 minutes of escape time. Without her gag we hear her grunting and talking to herself as she tries to reach knots that are no where near her reach. Even though she doesn't want to admit defeat, she has been. You can see it in her eyes and she just doesn't have the same energy as in the first 10 minutes. 5 minutes go by and she is not any further along and she finally admits defeat. Since I won the challenge, Alexis is my prize. I pull her tits free from her bra and start groping and slapping them. Alexis is soon cleave gagged, before I put her on her stomach. I hogtie her and incorporate her crotchrope into it. It just tightens it up a tad more. Her toes are then tied to her hair. Alexis isn't dealing well with the gag, so being the nice guy that I am I remove it. I tie one her toes back very tightly and then I ballgag her. I try and use my "nice" nose hooks on Alexis, but because of the shape of her nose, and from all the sweat, they keep snapping out. When I put the ballgag in I didn't strap it in as tightly as I would normally as we're just having escape challenge fun. Alexis takes advantage of my niceness and decides to spit it out. Nice guys always get taken advantage of... when will I learn? No more Mr. Nice Guy. I roll her onto her side and give her tits a few more hard grab and slaps before I let her out of her current bondage. At the end of the clip, I put in 10 or 15 seconds of what I did to Alexis afterwards. The entire clip will be posted sometime in the future.
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Alexis Rain Accepts the Escape Challenge - Part 3

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