Corset Training

Corset Training This may not be exactly the corset training you thought you would be seeing. I understand. But, Johnny got this idea that maybe he could finally get me to behave if he had me on my knees, tied tightly and gagged. So, in my fuschia corset with matching panties, black stockings and shiny black high heels, Johnny tests his theory. He first puts my collar on me, so I know he's serious. Then he pulls my arms behind my back and secures them in an unforgiving armbinder. Then, he cuffs my legs together and attaches the armbinder to my cuffs, so I won't be trying to go too far. Finally, he puts a pvc bit gag in my mouth, so I can drool furiously while he puts me in my place. I act good for a while....but you know me...I was probably back to my same old misbehavior the next day, so Johnny will tie me up again!
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Corset Training

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