Hippie Chick

Hippie Chick Sometimes, despite how adorable and enticing I look, I decide to act bad. And, I get punished. Today is just one of those days. After going out to the festival in downtown, I come home to find Johnny with some handcuffs, metal ankle cuffs and a spreader bar just waiting for my return. I didn't fold the laundry and put it away as usual. Guess I should have done it before I went downtown for the morning in my charming brightly colored tie-dye sundress. Oh well, he's not really mad, just looking for a reason to exert his will over me. So, I let him secure me to the column in between the living room and dining room with arms behind my back around the column and legs spread on the ground in front of me. I can't go anywhere! He gives me a cleave gag, so that he can lecture me in peace about why I need to get my chores done before spending the morning out. Well, since I have already been a little defiant this morning, the switch in my brain goes off that tells me to push my limits a little farther. Usually, Johnny just realizes I am being playful and lets me play around for a little bit, but today he means business. He must have really wanted that laundry done! So, he does the one thing that he knows will put me in my place and bring me under his will completely....He gives me an over the face panty gag. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! You may know that there are other gags that I do not love...like the harness gags for instance. This panty gag, I hate so much, that it makes the harness gag seem like a harmless little bandanna.

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Hippie Chick

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