Dr Cupcakes Captures Ultra Girl

Dr Cupcakes Captures Ultra Girl Dr Cupcakes lives free in Ultra Girl's mind... she is obsessed with him, and he is starting to find it rather stalker-ish and creepy. Once again she finds his hideout and comes to deliver justice!! Dr Cupcakes is very busy at the moment and does not have time for her shenanigans. He quickly captures and subdues her and soon she finds herself in a most uncomfortable bondage position. He ballgags her and tightens her crotchrope and leaves her to endure. Next we see the cakemobile pull up. Soon, we see Dr Cupcakes with a bound and gagged Ultra Girl on a rope leash and wearing nothing but her boots. He ties the leash to a fence post along side the road, and unbeknownst to her, her power belt hanging on the fence next to her. I'm sure whoever finds her will be very nice and not take advantage in any way, but that will take a while... It will be sometime before he has to worry about Ultra Girl again!
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Dr Cupcakes Captures Ultra Girl

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