Fourth Of July Mindfuck Dia Zerva

Fourth Of July Mindfuck Dia Zerva The best part of Insex was always the live feeds. dia is kind enough to demonstrate why, with a little help from the fine members of RealTimeBondage. Their imaginations, combined with Dee and PD, are enough to push any scene to the limits.dia has a lovely dress picked out for the Independence Day festivities. It looks amazing but Dee has a few accessories to really make it pop. For example, a set of clover clamps to dias nipples make her and the outfit sing.The deviants behind the keyboards keep the good ideas rolling in. dia is gagged with her own panties and lifted onto a table to put her into better caning position. PD lays a few strokes on her, but Mr.Swampy has a better idea. He blesses her with 3 strong blows to her feet and her gag cant fully muffle the screams. It gives her the inspiration to try to get out so tomboy makes the wonderful suggestion of caning her magnificent tits until shes out. The entire ordeal has her thanking everyone for their input, like a good painslut should.Canes arent the only way to hurt. SD knows just how to make a bitch scream and how to make her moan. The cattle prod gets the g going, while a few fingers in the cunt provide the melody. PD grabs his sparker and shocks her feet until shes ready to quit.There is so much more torment doled out by the members. A pair of zippers with well over 30 clips, a humiliating anal violation and a mind fuck so wicked it leaves the normally unshakable dia crying for mercy from her voyeuristic online assailants. The live feeds are so epic that missing one is never an option.

Format: real
Duration: 1:12:43
Video: 852x488, RV40
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Fourth Of July Mindfuck Dia Zerva

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