Catalina(Baddie's Anal Audition)

Catalina(Baddie's Anal Audition) Release Year: 2024
Cast: Catalina
Genres: Anal, Brunette, Cumshot, Gonzo, Latina, Masturbation, Shaved, Tattoos
Video language: English
We’ve got a sensational candidate up on the couch this week. It’s 20 year old Catalina, and she's cute as a button. She is sweet and petite and we’re very excited to see if she’s ready for the adult industry. She arrives, and shows us her stuff right away with some poses and Rick gets her over on the couch so we can get this thing started. She’s really just itty bitty. She’s very soft spoken, but doesn’t hesitate to answer all of Rick's questions for her. She’s a shy little thing but she’s ready to expand her horizons in the biz. Well the first step is to get naked for us Catalina, so she gets naked. Oh my gaaawd. Just wait until you see the body she’s been hiding. She’s tight as a tiger, I'll tell ya what. She’s got enormous tits for that petite frame and an even more compact coochie. Her next task is to masturbate on the couch for us, which is an easy task so away she goes. That pink dildo looks huge in her little pussy. Next she compliantly puts in a buttplug for us. She keeps playing with herself even as her phone is just exploding in her purse. I guess someone really wanted to talk to her. That’s too bad because she’s busy with my cock in her mouth. She is an expert cocksucker, see the way she’s using both those hands and that mouth. Whoever taught her that, thank you haha. Her little pussy is so tight especially with the buttplug, and did I mention how rockin’ that body was? Jesus Christ the way she throws her ass back into me. I gotta say this one was a lotta fun, just fucking her tight petite body all over the office was something else. The real fun comes when it’s time for buttstuff. She’s super new to it, and if you thought that pussy was tight, boy oh boy lemmie tell you bout that booty. I take some time to really warm her up, using some fingers before we move to my dick. She really takes it like a champ. I rock her over to her side, and before we move to the couch we get a great gape, and i'm sure it’s the first time anyones done that. After some riding, a quick face fuck, and chair later I paint her pretty petite face with a nice big load. She’s nice enough to keep most of it on her face as we wrap up, she really just gets the bit around her eyes. She dresses with cum dripping off her face, and I think that’s one of my favorite parts. After blowing a nice kiss she’s on her way!

Format: mp4
Duration: 56:49
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 7828kbps
Audio: 124kbps
Catalina(Baddie's Anal Audition)

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