British Boys Fetish Club - Discipline Tales Vol 146

British Boys Fetish Club - Discipline Tales Vol 146 Release Year: 2024
Studio: British Boys Fetish Club
Deno Gets a Hiding: Deno finds himself facing a good hiding and has to strip off and present himself doggy position for a set with the cane. The strokes are really well laid on, the welts are soon looking stunning. He has to stand up and wander around a little to keep himself under control before going back into position for part two. Instead of getting the cane again he gets some great heavy swats with the paddle, which on top of the cane welts really sting a lot. Looking very forlorn he dresses at the end, and its no wonder when you look at the lovely colour of his butt. Gymboy Never Listens: Gymboy has been told many times never to go swimming in the sea alone, there are some very strong currents that catch even the best swimmers unawares. So he is told to report the pool. There he gets a lesson is safety from the paddle. To make sure he knows this is a lesson not to be repeated he gets some swats laying down on the pool edge then some on his back and legs up, the final set he has to stand in the pool and bend over the edge. The look on his face at the end says that he is going to remember this one and never swim alone again. Mitch Clumsy: Having broken some tools due to negligence, or misuse, Mitch has to pay for it. Bending over the rail naked he gets a great caning. Like all the best lessons this is a short sharp one, one sharp enough to make a lasting impression. The welts are great and the yelps just as good. Mitch might be a little careful when using other peoples tools in the future. Rene Thrashed: Rene is in trouble for pawning stuff, stuff that might not even be his. So a sound thrashing is needed to remind him to be more responsible. This is a short sharp lesson and one that leaves some wonderful welts on his ass. Rene kicks his legs as the strokes fall and the cane makes its mark, which means he is learning the hard way. A great lesson for Rene. Meet Jaxson: Jaxson is a stocky muscular guy and thinks he can take a paddling and as he has failed his fitness test its an ideal time. So for a change Rene is going to paddle this newbie and get him on board with us. Stripped off and bending over Rene lays some good swats on his ass and gets things started. This is a bit of a shock for him and a bit more challenging than he thought it was going to be. A few more swats and Jaxson is up and clutching his butt and looking quite forlorn. At the end he is told he has train aharder and he looks like he might take this on board.

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British Boys Fetish Club - Discipline Tales Vol 146

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