Team Play Ch 4 Double Play - Dylan Tides, Grant Ducati fuck Ace Banner, Tyler Sain

Team Play Ch 4 Double Play - Dylan Tides, Grant Ducati fuck Ace Banner, Tyler Sain Release Year: 2024
Studio: TwinkTop
Coach Banner and Coach Saint had worked hard to ensure that the team athletes felt as though they could look at each other like a family. They wanted the boys to feel comfortable enough to share things with them as Coaches, as well as amongst each other.
So when word had gotten out about Coach Banner’s private sessions with Grant, and how that led to Coach Saint also mentoring the boy, it was only a matter of time before they felt comfortable enough to incorporate more than one athlete at a time into these unscheduled lessons. Coach Saint had gotten closer to Coach Banner and they worked well together to determine which young athletes were in greater need of tutoring.
In an effort to establish a team-building exercise, the Coaches wanted to show the boys that they were not trying to keep secrets amongst each other. In front of the group of boys, they wanted to be open about the fact that they were the ones the Coaches had chosen to play with.
It didn’t take much effort to get the boys together Grant and Dylan thankfully they were good friends having been on the team long enough now. Not to mention getting the notification that the Coaches wanted another one-on-one was usually a reason to peak a boy's excitement, but the Coaches were requesting the two boys together at the same time!

Once the Coaches had the boys alone, Coach Saint couldn’t keep his eyes off of Dylan. The coach couldn’t help but let his curiosity get the better of him. His excitement overwhelmed him when he made eye contact with Coach Banner. Coach Saint made the first move and with a one-coach-to-one-boy ratio, the odds are in everyone’s favor. Both Coach Banner and Coach Saint moved in to kiss the compact little jocks. The boys' tiny shorts did nothing to hide their growing erections as their coaches' hands explored their toned bodies.
The Coaches moved to their knees in tandem, taking the boys shorts with them as they went. Grant’s and Dylan’s jockstraps bulged beautifully, driving both of the Coaches wild as they used their lips to massage the throbbing pieces of cloth. The young athletes moaned and groaned as Coach Banner and Coach Saint lap at their youthful erections. The boys gave the go ahead to peel back the white jockstraps and begin directly sucking their cocks, worshiping the young jocks’ large members.
With the boys all fired up, the Coaches bend over the sofa to present their holes. They turn to one another and exchange a kiss, acknowledging how lucky they are to have taught their team members that the Coaches were there to satisfy their athletes' needs. Grant and Dylan slid their cocks inside of the Coaches’ muscular holes. The athletes got what they wanted out of this session, and the Coaches certainly got what they wanted, as well!
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Team Play Ch 4 Double Play - Dylan Tides, Grant Ducati fuck Ace Banner, Tyler Sain

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