Sneaky Study Break

Sneaky Study Break Release Year: 2024
Studio: Caught Fapping
Cast: Demi Hawks, Myra Moans
Genres: Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, Masturbation, Natural Tits, Small Tits, Teen, College, 69, Petite, Tribbing, Ass, Lesbian, Original Series, Student, Glasses, caucasian, kissing, pussy eating
Video language: English
Demi Hawks has graciously offered to help her friend Myra Moans study for an upcoming math exam, inviting Myra over to her college dorm room. Myra is thankful for Demi's help- all this math stuff is going over her head. She's so lucky to have a college bestie like Demi to give her a hand, and Demi is glad to be of assistance.
Demi provides Myra with some of her notes and leaves her to study, going on her laptop to do some other work on the bed. Unbeknownst to Demi, however, Myra has snuck a nudie mag with her and decides to flip through it as she 'studies'. Before long, Myra can't help herself and decides to secretly fap, using her body position to hide it from Demi.
It isn't long, however, before Demi notices what Myra's up to... and decides to join in on the fun, fapping away behind Myra's back. When Myra catches wind of what Demi's doing, she's totally flustered, though is surprised when Demi suggests that turn their study session into a fuck session. That sounds like a more fun than studying, that's for sure!

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Duration: 32:18
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Audio: 125kbps
Sneaky Study Break

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