ScoutBoys - Scouts in Training Vol. 1

ScoutBoys - Scouts in Training Vol. 1 Release Year: 2024
Studio: ScoutBoys
Year: 2023
Studio: Carnal Network
Cast: Bishop Angus, Cole Blue, Ian Levine, Mark Winters, Wolf Legrand

ScoutBoys features the scouting experiences of Scouts in Training as they exercise their muscles and journey into manhood. Our Scouts yearn for physical activity: luckily, our older, wiser Scoutmasters are here to guide them with their skilled hands and big bodies. All they need to do is take the pledge and listen to their Scoutmasters. Scouts Cole Blue, Ian Levine, and Mark Winters are such young men, whose adventures lead them into the big, rugged hands of Scoutmasters Bishop Angus and Legrand Wolf. Private encounters, rope-tying lessons, and horny threesomes between Scouts and Leader await you in this erotic documentation of boy scouts having fun.

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Duration: 1:40:58
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ScoutBoys - Scouts in Training Vol. 1

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