ScoutBoys - Lessons in Discretion

ScoutBoys - Lessons in Discretion Release Year: 2024
Studio: ScoutBoys
Elite Scouts are carefully chosen for their interest in learning about life in the outdoors as well as the special bonds that can form between Scouts and Scoutmasters. Three Scoutmasters take three Elite Scouts out in the woods for a weekend of camping in Lessons in Discretion. While they learn about knot tying, fire building, and tent pitching, they are also taught the secret games that men and boys can play. Scout Jack is eager to practice what he has recently learned, while Scout Cole is a veteran camper. Scoutmaster Deitrich takes young Marcus out in the woods for his first experience of what scouting has to offer. The boys return home tired and a bit sore, but eager to go camping again. However, all of the boys have to remember that what happens in the woods needs to stay in the woods...
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ScoutBoys - Lessons in Discretion

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