Half Zenra School

Half Zenra School Release Year: 2010
Genres: asian
Video language: Japanese
Life at the school
Summary: This film is unique, the film shows the everyday life at school with all women, with only half of their clothing. They are either topless or bottomless for the entire movie, and how do they do any of the activities: exercise, studying, hanging in the hallways, even the graduation ceremony. But bear in this movie, no sex at all, even the scenes of masturbation or lesbian touch with the girls. This is just a voyeur movie. Even without sex, it was interesting to watch and dream about how real life situations will be totally different if our women were naked.
Summary: This movie is unique; the entire film shows the day to day life at a school with all the females having only half their clothes. They are either topless or bottomless for the whole movie, and as they do any of the activities: exercising, studying, hanging out in the hallways, even for the graduation ceremony. Be warned, this movie has no sex at all, not even masturbation scenes or lesbian touching with the girls. It is only a voyeur film. Even without sex, it was interesting to watch and dream about how real life situations would be completely different if our women were naked.
Scene 1: A new student is introduced into a After she takes her seat, she learns that this is the academy where girls are half naked. In this first studying scene, the schoolgirls and teacher have no panties or bottom skirts on. As time elapses, suddenly it reverses so they are topless but have their skirts back on. Next the girls have the tops on and are bottomless again, talking in the locker room and walking around, mingling with the boys.
Scene 2: In the administration office this time, and again the teachers and students are all bottomless. Three girls get lectured for having a game in See Preview pic 1. Lots of butt shots here as secretaries, teachers and the students do their work in the office. Then back to the and the kids are cleaning up the floor. It gets pretty funny to watch as the new student is still fully clothed but all the other females are without any skirts or panties!
Scene 3: Classroom again, this time on Parent Day with some parents and a few half naked helpers in the back of the room too. Really funny! If this topless teacher taught at my old school, I would never miss a day of Next it is lunchtime and the half naked cooks bring in the food to the Then it is recess and the girls play outside, still with no panties or skirts or pants on. I am now used to the that this school features girls with only half of their clothes on.
Scene 4: Next, all the girls walk in a line out of the and outside for exercises. They line up on the playing field and talk, and here we get treated to great views of almost all the asses and legs. Then the teachers come and lead the exercise sessions for about thirty minutes of movie time, and we get to see lots of bouncing tits and jiggling butts. See the Preview pictures 2 and 3. This scene made me dream again about my old high school. My favorite parts of this scene were watching the jumping jacks, bottomless, and then the side stretches, topless. Many of the girls are cute and this is the main scene to indulge your voyeur fascination.
Scene 5: This scene is the graduation ceremony. The girls, still bottomless, come up to the podium and receive their diplomas. It is so funny to see a room full of serious looking Asian schoolgirls, of course Japanese, all standing in a with diplomas, and being naked from the waist down. See Preview pictures 4, 5 and 6. After the ceremony, the kids are outside and fooling around in the rooms with their Keep in mind that the boys (and all males) have been fully clothed through the movie, and still are. So ends the school session at the Half Naked Academy.
Scene 6: There are a bunch of good film previews at the end.

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Half Zenra School

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