The Grave Project

The Grave Project Sadie Dawson & Amelea Darkare two gorgeous brunettes in Journalism school looking for the scoop on a series of local grave robberies. Amelea got a lead on a truck that was seen at one of the robbery sites and sweet Sadie has gone to investigate. As she arrives at the compound where the truck was registered to, she senses something creepy about the place, little does she know just how creepy it is. She is caught by a man as she discovers the missing headstones stacked in a pile on his property but he claims they aren't anything to worry about and lures her inside to show her proof. Once inside, the tides change in a bad way for the naive reporter when the criminal comes in binds, gags and gropes her...viciously cutting her clothes off. Sadie finds herself stretched to the limit on the rack as the twisted man enjoys electrocuting her and covering her taut naked body in clothespins and caning them off. Sadie is ready to confess all she knows, but the madman is enjoying her torment so much he won't allow it, he does however make her lure her accomplice in the report to his compound to play with as well. Amelea comes inside to see her friend rigged tight standing being made to cum over and over, but as she tries to free her our criminal comes in and strings her up as well. He will use them both for his pleasure before he is through with the two journalists that were just too good at their jobs.

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The Grave Project

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