CM - Cesar Rossi & Helloojose: EDGE

CM - Cesar Rossi & Helloojose: EDGE We find Helloojose reclined spread-eagle in his chair as Cesar Rossi enters the room. Cesar asks Helloojose if he's ready, and Helloojose replies that he is.
Cesar ties a blindfold across Helloojose's eyes and secures Helloojose's wrists to the chair before leaning forward for a kiss, then moving his way down Helloojose's body. Cesar kisses Helloojose's thighs as he teases Helloojose's cock through his boxers.
Helloojose exclaims as Cesar takes Helloojose's cock into his mouth. Cesar expertly sucks Helloojose's dick, alternating between shallow and deep motions before peeling away Helloojose's boxers.

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Duration: 16:36
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CM - Cesar Rossi & Helloojose: EDGE

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