Sara Saijo - Maraforma: Night Pervasion

Sara Saijo - Maraforma: Night Pervasion Release Year: 2017
Cast: Sara Saijo
Video language: Japanese
Friday night is the best time of the week for citizens working in the five days of the 8-hour working day. Friday night is the best time for all sorts of debauchery, massive and of something more perverse and vulgar. After all, Saturday, in the understanding of many people created by God solely in order to freshen the nip after the most vivid and intense of the night, to lie down and sleep it off. And Sunday - in order to prepare and tune in to the next 5-day labor campaign and to atone for the Friday night events in which someone ashamed to admit, but nice to remember.
It's Friday night for the two main characters of this film (apparently drug addicts) became a call to action. Having got secretly into the apartment of a neighbor of one of the miscreants, addicts made a real sex marathon with passion. The hostess of course at first resisted and resisted, but apparently accepted guys stimulating drug, is transmitted via physical contact, or maybe even airborne. Because after some time, the hostess wanted "the same" even more themselves rapists. But the rapists themselves, judging by their thirst to dig in someone else's fridge and to use the products lying there as food fetish, most likely (in contrast to the so-called victims) was more eager to eat than to fuck. Well, or maybe hunger, it's some side effect of the drug, which the guys before going into the apartment, "stoned".

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Sara Saijo - Maraforma: Night Pervasion

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