The Trap

The Trap Release Year: 2009
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Junior Stellano, Bruno Bond, Ricky Sinz, Antonio Biaggi, RJ Danvers, Austin Wilde, Angelo Marconi, Tristan Jaxx, Andre Barclay, Conner Habib, Spencer Reed
Genres: Oral, Anal Sex, Muscle, Rimming, Big Dick, Anal Toy's, Butt Fuck Machine, Hunks, Hairy, Dildo
The Trap is the journey of a sexually innocent man who follows a handsome stranger and takes an unexpected trip down into the depths of San Francisco's underground. Directed by Andrew Rosen in cooperation with Male Stockroom, who provide the gear, wear, and toys for this movie, take you along as Junior finds more than just PG & E guys are down under our streets. This is not your average sex club. Not only do these men have great sex, but they are very passionate with each other oftenbining deep kissing along with the rough and energetic fetish sex. In the club, we find everything from light bondage to dildos, vacuum pumping and fetish wear. The Trap has an all star sexy muscular cast starring Junior Stellano, bottoming for the first time on film, Bruno Bond, Antonio Biaggi, Ricky Sinz plus seven more hot studly men. The Trap is a metaphor for a concept called Sexual Progression. In the exploration of sex there is an excitement as we go deeper in the mind and body to uncover hidden desires and explore new levels of the sexual experience. As Junior descends into the club, he starts with an experience he knows, oral sex. When challenged to take it further, he hopes that Bruno will be his mentor through his experience at The Trap. He follows Bruno, but by the time he is ready Bruno is gone and Junior is left to find his way on his own. As he continues to descend he learns there are other less mainstream sexual acts to try. Even though he perally is not ready to try most of the activities he does open up to trying a few new things. At the end we wonder, will he be back to try a few more.
Walking along a San Francisco street, Junior Stellano cruises a hot muscular mystery man in sun glasses. Junior can smell the sex on him and rightfully so as the man only has sex on his mind. The mystery man, handsome Bruno Bond, opens up a trap door in the side walk and climbs down into it, but not before he entices Junior to join him. Junior contemplates whether to keep going on his way or to take a chance and follow Bruno into the depths underground. He climbs down the ladder, turns the corner to find Bruno almost naked except for shoes and a wrist band. Slightly surprised he asks "Where are we? Is this ok?" to which Bruno answers, "Of course it is" and starts to undress Junior. Bruno gets down on his knees and sucks Junior's hard cock. When Bruno finishes he moves onto the large iron bed where Junior returns the favor giving Bruno an amazing sucking. Realizing that there may be a little more to this hook up, they exchange a passionate kiss. Then Bruno breaks off and turns around. As he does he pushes Junior down so his face is in front of Bruno's ass. Junior, who hasn't licked ass before, puzzles for a moment knowing he wants it and finally realizing he wants Bruno's hole to be the first one he tastes. He goes at it with vigor until he drives Bruno crazy with ecstasy and Bruno spills his hot cum all over Junior. This makes Junior shoot a hot load all over the floor. Bruno tells Junior that he has to go. Junior thinking about getting back up on the street after this hot tryst gets up to leave when he realizes that Bruno isn't going back up. "Aren't you going further down?" Bruno asks. "Where?" Junior responds. "There's much more," Bruno responds. Again Junior hesitates as to whether to return on his way or go deeper into The Trap. While he is thinking, the naked Bruno has already gone down a mystical hallway leaving Junior to follow.
Junior descends to a level lower and Bruno is nowhere to be seen. What he does see is swarthy, intense, Antonio Biaggi using a vacuum pump to make his already enormous cock even bigger. Antonio pumps away with a large tube showing off his massive cock and balls to Junior. A little ufortable for watching Junior decides to continue his search for Bruno. Antonio continues to pump until his cock is thick and long and huge. Finally, blowing a creamy load all over himself.
We catch up with Junioring down a brick hallway where he turns another corner only to be attacked by two vicious dog-boys, RJ Danvers and Conner Habib. Their master Ricky Sinz holds the leashes as Junior runs away in fear. The dogs plete with dog masks, paws, leashes and butt plug tails) kneel before Ricky who pulls the plugs in and out of the pups. First playing with Conner's tail and then with RJ's, pulling the medium and large plugs in and out of each dogs ass. Next Conner fucks RJ doggy style. Conner's tail wags up and down as he fucks RJ's hole. Now it's Ricky's turn. He energetically pumps Conner's ass before moving on to an all out pounding of RJ's hole. All blow a sticky load.
In another part of the club, Andre Barclay, dressed in rubber bleechers and Angelo Marconi in latex shorts are trying out some dildos. First Andre puts a black rubber beaded dildo in and out for Angelo's beautiful round tan ass. He hands it off to Angelo and makes him fuck himself. Junior wanders through and Andre gives him a friendly nod before he continues on his search. After Angelo's hole is opened up he pushes Andre down unzipping the bleechers exposing Andre's creamy ass. Angelo grabs a purple rapture anal probe and fucks Andre's ass getting it ready for a bigger black dildo that he pushes with vigor up Andre's eager hole. Angelo's eyes smolder as he enjoys every moment of the plowing. Next the men get out the Vick Versatile fucking machine. Andre operates the controls as Angelo's ass takes the perating dildo. The steel arm rotates round and round and plunges the dildo deep into Angelo's hole. Next it's Andre's turn to feel the power of the fuck machine. It rotates faster and faster pushing into Andre's wide open hole. Finally, the two share a long double ended dildo before spraying big loads.
In the next level of the club we find three devilish masked men starting to go at it. Led by ripped muscular Spencer Reed, hemands his men, Austin Wilde and Tristan Jaxx to service his large cock. Both Tristan and Austin take turns and together suck Spencer's prick until he is rock hard. Austin and Tristan's cock are stiff too as they please their master. Tristan is ordered to suck Austin's large cock and is just getting a good taste when the alarm starts ringing. A red light flashes, warning the men that there is an intruder. Austin and Tristan are ordered by Spencer to get the hood and capture the intruder as he enters so he doesn't see what they are up to. A guillotine hood is quickly thrown over the intruder's head and his hands are shackled as all three masked men examine his body. The intruder is a little scared and does not know what they will do to him. Finally Master Spencer asks if the intruder would like his cock sucked andmands Austin down on his knees to give the intruder some expert head. Next Tristan goes down to see how the intruders cock tastes. Austin and Spencer share a passionate kiss with each other and with the intruder. Ready for more Spencer decides he wants to see who the intruder is. "Let's see who this fine piece of meat is." The hood is removed revealing to the three masked men, Junior. As they unshackle him, he too wants to see the faces of these fine bodies and rips Tristan and Austin's masks off. Spencer, angry that Junior has tried to spoil their anonymous game then reveals himself. The game doesn't stop there as Junior gets a rambunctious hard fuck from each stud. First Austin, then Tristan, and finally Spencer all filling Junior's hole with their giant cocks. Junior takes it like a champ being that this is the first time he is getting fucked. Spencer's cock plunges in and out of Junior showing us his gaping hole until all the men blow incredibly thick, far flying loads all over Junior's body. Junior is stunned and in awe of the massive loads.
Junior finally finds his way back to where he came in and luckily runs into Bruno who is also ready to leave. "I lost you," Junior says. "That happens," Bruno answers. "Did you have fun?" Bruno reaches down a feels Junior's still wet open hole. "I see that you did. Now it's my turn." Bruno and Junior finish what they started earlier. First Bruno fucks Junior in a sling hanging from the bed. It is a tender yet energetic fuck. Then the two flip and Junior fucks Bruno on the bed. Finally Bruno fucks Junior a final time and they both finish with creamy loads. Bruno, who was not supposed to let outsiders into the club decides to make it official and gives Junior his very own wrist band with the Trap symbol on it so he cane back again and again. "

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The Trap

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