Princess Amber & Lexie

Princess Amber & Lexie Studio: BratPrincess
Cast: Princess Amber, Lexie
Video language: English
This is sort of a behind the scenes. It was just going to be a simple foot worship clip. The camera was turned on but Amber wasn’t ready to go. She was texting her boyfriend. Amber and her boyfriend were having a little text fight, something boyfriends and girlfriends do all the same. Andy in his infinite wisdom decides to white knight for Amber and says, “if you were my girl, I wouldn’t treat you that way.” What was a simple text fight between Amber and her amazing boyfriend has had gasoline thrown on it. Amber has been insulted that Andy thinks there is some universe in which Amber is “his” girl. Amber has a big, but totally justified, fit. Amber really puts Andy in his place with a deeply humiliating verbal beat down, ball shocks, and face slaps. A Bratdown. Amber leaves in tears and then it is time for Lexie to step in. Lexie and Amber are besties! If you hurt one you hurt both. Lexie takes revenge on Andy. Andy has a shock collar on his balls and Lexie uses it to punish Andy with full voltage shocks. In the end Amber and her amazing boy friend made up. Amber was taken out for dinner and they had a great evening. Andy paid for it. This clip has extreme verbal humiliation, face slaps, and ball shocks. Andy is left feeling worthless.

Format: mp4
Duration: 13:11
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 13185kbps
Audio: 234kbps
Princess Amber & Lexie

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