Gear Room Fashion Show

Gear Room Fashion Show In this fun stream, your favorite creature decides to model some of her bondage gear while she cleans the gear room! After sweeping the floors, Greyhound turns her attention to all of her leather gear laid out on the bed, while putting the gear away she tries on a pair of ankle cuffs and wrists cuffs before slipping her feet into a pair of stiletto heels. Before putting away the last of her bondage gear, she puts on a leather breast harness then turns her attention to her inflatable plug, after inflating the plug and teasing the camera with it while she lays on the floor, your favorite creature puts on a little more bondage gear when she buckles herself into a nice pair of leather thigh cuffs then puts on a leather hood before she kneels and presents to the camera like the obedient slave she is!

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Gear Room Fashion Show

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