Jared Part 5

Jared Part 5 Young Jared’s master can’t get enough of him, groping his well-muscled torso, painfully twisting his nipples, squeezing his balls and pulling his cock. He puts up a fight, flexing and screaming. But all he gets for his efforts is a lot more rope, cutting into his meaty thighs and across his well-cut abs. The man even painfully ropes his arms tight against the bondage chair rail and binds the leather collar around his neck to the chair’s highest rung, forcing his to sit up straight on the hard seat, causing great pain to his back muscles and spine. This pretty boy looks amazing tied so tight, flexing and unflexing, trying desperately to find some respite from the ropes cutting into his flesh. He will remain like this for hours.
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Jared Part 5

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