Brett Part 4

Brett Part 4 College football stud Brett has been hanging naked in mid-air for hours, a tight rope-harness digging into his pecs, gut, arms, upper thighs and ankles. To make his total humiliation even worse, he is gagged with his own sweaty briefs. He is like an acrobat of pain. He strains and struggles, but nothing he does relieves the strain on his body or gives him any hope of release. He can do nothing but flex and moan when the young boy in the hoodie enters and plays with his cock. Finally, after hours, he’s lowered to the ground, still roped tightly in the harness. He looks amazing rolling around on the grey carpet of the dungeon, his muscles and cock beautifully framed by the rope. And once again he is fondled by the kid in the hoddie, who, this time, gets him good and hard as he lies passive in his bounds, a true bondage slave.
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Brett Part 4

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