Hunter Release Year: 2022
Cast: Hunter
Genres: Bareback , Gay Porn
Video language: English
Handsome and full of Southern charm, Hunter is the epitome of a sexy frat boy. He likes to lift weights, hang out with his friends, go out - the typical 23-year old lifestyle. Only his looks are far from typical! Hunter is laid back and engaging. Even when he's not talking about sex, those gorgeous eyes make you wish he was! He's into petite, dark-skinned and dark-haired girls. He was 16 when he first had sex. A girl who had a crush on him had a party at her house. One thing led to another and he lost his virginity that night. She was the one who initiated it, and Hunter said he doesn't mind if girls sometimes take the lead, but he likes to mix it up and take control of the situation as well. His favorite position is having a girl face him while riding him.Who wouldn't want to face this beefy hottie? When he was ten, Hunter hung around with some older friends who told him about the process of jerking off, and he tried it – unsuccessfully. He got the hang of it, even though he doesn't jerk off too much now. He generally does it every other day, but I'm sure he has a lot of offers to help him relieve any tension he might have When Hunter jerks off, he usually watches porn. His tastes run to mainstream porn. Nothing too hardcore, nothing too amateur. Hunter's most exciting sexual experience happened when he threw a party at his place. He had strippers come over and two of them ended up in his bedroom. It's been his first and only threesome to date (“Unfortunately,” he says), and he'd love another one. I hope we can help him with that. He goes to the gym every other day, and usually does some type of cardio on his off days. Hunter has been working out since he was 16, and loves to focus on chest exercises. It shows! He says he gets more compliments on his chest than just about any other body part. He benches around 205 pounds, which he feels is pretty good for a lighter guy like himself. Hunter peels off his shirt to show off those thick pecs. He flexes them and they are rock-solid. He strips down and he has a tattoo of two shamrocks on one thigh. “It's supposed to help me be lucky,” he says. As hot as he is, I doubt he needs much luck. He hasn't jerked off in four days, so he leans back and gets to work. His focus is intense. He slowly pleasures his cock, and barely seems to notice he's pulling on his balls, or rubbing those meaty pecs at the same time. Hunter has a great ass, and I wonder if he'd be into a guy fucking it. After all, he didn't specify what kind of threesome he wanted ... Hunter alternates his strokes between an inward and an outward-facing grip. He spits on his dick to re-lube it. He moans in pleasure. He's starting to work up a sweat and his pecs are glistening in the hot sun. His breathing gets erratic as he inches closer to coming. Hunter's thick shaft tapers to a smaller head and it looks like a torpedo that's about to explode. He shoots and cum sprays everywhere. “Think I made a mess,” he grins. That kind of mess is okay with us!

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