Hard Labor Digging Part 7

Hard Labor Digging Part 7 In this 7th and final installment of Hard Labor for Greyhound, your favorite naked creature finally gets to enjoy the fruit of all of her hard labor as she finally gets to test out her underground isolation box! With all of her hard work finally complete, Greyhound gets to spend the afternoon locked in her isolation box, with two large metal rods keeping the box lid firmly secured, a naked Greyhound is to curl up in her new instrument of isolation and fights to find a comfortable position in the box as the warm California sun beats down upon her. After popping her head, legs and feet through the heavy bars of the metal door that is keeping her bound tightly in the small box, Greyhound finally gets resigned to her fate as she curls up on her side in her small prison!

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Hard Labor Digging Part 7

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