Tiffany – photo shoot with Anahí

Tiffany – photo shoot with Anahí Some fun in the studio! You know, while Tiffany was here for 48 hours, and Anahí had come to work in the studio, they met each other and they bonded very quickly! Not many people may know that my studio assistant Anahí is actually quite an accomplished photographer, and having a super fit model like Tiffany available gave her an idea. A photo shoot, just for fun!
I grabbed my video camera while Anahí grabbed her photo camera, and you can see the results in today’s update. My behind the scenes video footage, and Anahi’s pictures of Tiffany, locked in her heavy chastity belt, heavy collar, and heavy wrist cuffs. Of course, Anahí herself was locked in her standard gear too. It was a perfect day in the studio! At the end of the shoot, I gave Anahí a long chain and a padlock to have some more fun with Tiffany, while I took over the camera and took some more fun shots of the two of them playing around in their metal gear.
This would have been a perfect fan moment, and it gave us the idea to do something like this at the next meet and greet opportunity. Anahí will be there to take pictures of the meet and greet Chastity Babe (perhaps Dominique?), or to take pictures of you and the Chastity Babe together. But you don’t have to wait for the next meet and greet opportunity of course, Anahí is always available here in the studio if you want to have a coffee or a friendly chat with her!

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Tiffany – photo shoot with Anahí

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