Iori Shizuku - She Just Begged To Fuck Her

Iori Shizuku - She Just Begged To Fuck Her Release Year: 2017
Cast: Iori Shizuku
Video language: Japanese
We all know that we have to do and what to accomplish feats the average man to get in bed with any girl. Flowers, movies, restaurants, sense of humor, pizzazz, confidence, resourcefulness, and of course, social and career status also did not last. This is not a complete list of virtues that should be possessed by the alpha male in the eyes of the average woman (girl, girls).
Sometimes when we want to have sex with one or another representative of the beautiful half of humanity, we commit a very rash, foolish and reckless actions, not even realizing how ridiculous and absurd we at the moment look.
This film, changing the roles of guys and girls sometimes. What if the girl "wants so much" that they are ready to fall to his knees right on a busy street in front of a random man to have sex with her? She don't need anything else, no flowers, no restaurants....she doesn't care about Your sense of humor and Your life and career success....she needs nothing because she has clear signs of "rabies uterus" on the peak stage.
The main character of this film runs along a busy street and invites passers men to have sex with her. Some shied away and ran from her as from a leper; others were in a stupor and also eventually in a hurry to retire. But the girl though not super beautiful, but not ugly....however, her proposal was not interested. Then she decided to resort to more drastic measures to achieve its goals. She began not just in words to ask about sex, but also to crawl on all fours in front of potential lovers. And luckily the main character, men are not as cruel as women....finally found someone who took pity on the poor girl)

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Iori Shizuku - She Just Begged To Fuck Her

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