Which One Should I Impregnate?

Which One Should I Impregnate? Cast: Elisa, Clarisse
Genres: Petite, Asian, Threesome, Uniforms, Skinny, Creampie
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Sweet innocent Elisa is back, and this time she brought a friend! Well, not exactly a friend...her sister! As much as I’ve loved banging my little teen dream-girl for the past few months, I needed something different to spice things up. Elisa could tell I was getting bored with the normal routine. As hot as she was, she knew that I had countless other whores in my harem that provided me with variety each week and she was desperate to show she could keep me entertained. When I suggested she bring over one of her friends to help her clean the house next time, she was a little sad at first because she didn’t think any of her friends were hot enough to satisfy my refined monger tastes. But then, deep in thought, she burst into a smile.“Can I bring my big sister?” she asked. “She’s nineteen years old.”“Fuck yes!” I replied.There is nothing better in the world than banging a pair of teen sisters. It’s so cute so watch the sibling rivalries play out as they both aim to outdo each other and impress me. Usually the older sibling teaches the younger one, but this time the roles were reversed. Elisa (18), being a year younger than her older sister Clarisse (19), was clearly enjoying being in the “big sister” role this time.Elisa taught Clarisse how to dress like a sexy, slutty maid and how to dust and sweep the floor. This was cute, but the real fun started when little-sister got to teach big-sister how to deep throat the boss’s cock. Once again, there is nothing hotter that having two beautiful sisters suck your cock...It’s one of the greatest joys in life. Most guys think it’s just an unrealistic fantasy, but in Southeast Asia it’s very real. And not that difficult to get!My two Bangmaid sisters took turns blowing me, then it was on to their sweet teen pussies. I banged them both back and forth, switching...

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Which One Should I Impregnate?

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