Chako Kurusu, Mone Namikata, Momo

Chako Kurusu, Mone Namikata, Momo Cast: Chako Kurusu, Mone Namikata, Momo Hasegawa
Genres: Blowjob, All Sex, Group Sex, Uncensored, Cream Pie
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A student’s life is not only gaining knowledge at a university, but also a kind of school of survival. After all, for a full-fledged adulthood, it is not at all sufficient to simply master the course in the chosen specialty. It is also necessary to acquire and perfectly understand general educational skills of ingenuity, quickness, mobility,
and also the skill of quick and painless adaptation to any life situations.
The main characters of the film are three guys, Akira, Izamu and Kenzi. These three were friends since infancy, and even entered the same university, only in different faculties. Of all three - Kenzie, was from a very rich family.
Therefore, his parents paid for their boy to live in a separate and comfortable apartment. Akira and Izama were from ordinary families and lived in a student dormitory and each of them shared their rooms with 2-3 more neighbors. Thus, personal life (including intimate) during the entire time of study could only be favored by Kenzie. But,
despite the consistency of his family and the status of his privileged position, Kenzi did not forget about his friends and therefore having made in the workshop 2 duplicate keys for the apartment being rented, the noble young man handed them to his friends, Akira and Izam, so that they could easily retire without witnesses -
or girls and meet your personal needs. But there was one problem. Although the apartment is one-bedroom (living room, bedroom), but there is only one bed in it. Therefore, the friends have agreed that they will inform Kenzi in advance when any of them will need a place for an intimate meeting. But that day everything went wrong.
Akira warned Kenzi that he would be with the girl this afternoon, and Kenzi, not hearing what Akira meant, would mean tomorrow afternoon. Moreover, Izam also had a meeting with a group mate at the same time, but for some unknown reason he forgot to tell Kenzi about it. And Kenzi, thinking, decided: if tomorrow Akira’s apartment is needed,
I will bring a girl to me this afternoon.
And so, Akira, confident that today a grandiose sex marathon awaits him, having previously had lunch with a girl of his desires, brought her to a rented apartment. Prelude started right in the hallway. A little time later, the couple decided to move to a more convenient place - in the bedroom. But,
moving closer to the bedroom door, Akira sensed that something was wrong. From the bedroom came very suspicious sounds and muffled moans. Opening the door, Akira and the lady of the heart fell into a stupor: on the bed, Kenzi and another girl had sex. When a heated couple noticed the uninvited guests,
then at first Kenzie and his girlfriend were also embarrassed. When it turned out that the two friends did not quite understand each other correctly about the time of Akira’s visit, everyone present was having fun at this discomfiture and already two couples decided to go to the living room to juice something “post-stress” and decide, once such a thing who will be in the bedroom today .....
and who in the living room .... But Akira and Kenzi and their companions did not have time to open the door to the living room, as Izamu, coupled with his girlfriend, appeared to their eyes. Here it was already funny and everything. And not even from the fact that three infancy friends started having problems with understanding and with memory. All those present were interested in only one question: how,
each of them did not immediately notice that there was someone else in the apartment? Having a good laugh, friends decided to finish what they started in the living room, so that no one was hurt that someone had a more comfortable place for sex (and each continued only with his girlfriend). This is probably the real male friendship.

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Chako Kurusu, Mone Namikata, Momo

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