Training of H Part 7

Training of H Part 7 Hazel Hypnotic isn't even done with her 24 hour live feed but we have to go over some things with her. Her sins are numerous and she is going to have to answer for them. We have a special guest on hand and he is going to air his grievances all over her body.
Her cheeks are beet red after the barrage of slaps that he rains down on her. Her face is slick from his spit and her tears. She is crying as she tries to choke out the words he is telling her to say, both from the intensity of the humiliation and the pain of her situation. She has failed to satisfy our members so far.
Our next demand is probably the most taxing so far, so it is a good thing we have mentally prepared her. She swears she will last for this one. When we apply the clamps to her tits she insists she can bear it. When we attach the electrodes to them she doesn't even hesitate. And when she is done screaming for the intense electrical shocks she tells us, without a doubt, that she can take even more. That is when the current switches to her cunt and she regrets opening her mouth.

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Training of H Part 7

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