Double Bind part 3

Double Bind part 3 Juliette Black was having a fine old time. She got to have her pussy eaten, her ass played with, and everything was going well. But life cannot be good forever. We brought her here to watch her suffer, not to give her a vacation. Everyone has some questions for her that we would like answered honestly and quickly. We could probably convince her to tell us everything we want to know with a few kind words and some promises about the future but a few thousand volts of electricity are definitely faster.
It is not like we really care what the answers are, though. In the end we are more interested in way she screams than the words she says. As soon as the zaps lose their interest for us we are on to the next torment. We cannot let her leave without raising a few welts on her ass at the very least.
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Double Bind part 3

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