Pony Up!

Pony Up! Studio: Raging Stallion
Set in a queer-punk, dive bar, Pony Up! is loaded with more hardcore fetish and SM content you expect from creator Tony Buff. When succulent Draven Torres shows up for his weekly delivery, Doc Benway is behind the bar and its clear this isnt the first time these deliveries have been made when the two start making-out before getting into some hot oral and watersports action. Once Draven pisses in Docs mouth and Doc pisses all over himself, Draven decides its time to work over Docs ass. Draven opens up Docs sacred heart with a long session of deep rimming then fucks him over the keg he just delivered. Then the tables turn and its Draven whos craving a delivery.
When Preston Steel enters the mens room, he cant help but notice the clown face on the stall wall and skater-punk Rogue Status behind its glory hole mouth. As Preston moves in toward the urinal, Rogues face and mouth can be seen through the glory hole that forms the mouth of a graffiti clown face. Preston takes the bait, pushes his hard cock through the hole and into the eager mouth on the other side. The black lit neon graffiti of Ponys tea room is a surreal backdrop to the oral action, paused only long enough for Preston to drench Rogue with piss and Rogue to finish the job with his own.
Tony Hunter, Kyle Wood, Tony Buff, Leo Forte and B Alexander our enjoying some early evening and conversation at the Pony when fresh faced Kurt Andrews enters the bar. Buff recognizes the newcomer and explains that if he wants to hang with the crew, hed have to Pony Up. Buff and Leo then tie Kurt down by his wrists and ankles over one of the barstools and Buff uses a pocket knife to cut away the back of the new boys shirt and pants. Leo preps Kurts ass with a little tongue action while Buff shoves his massive meat down the boys throat. Both Buff and Leo piss on the bound newbie before Buff takes first crack at Kurts ass. One by one, Forte, Alexander, Wood and Hunter take their turns pounding the new initiate until he is untied and allowed to cum before being drenched by the entire crews piss.
Draven Torres uses his uncut Latin cock to tease bartender, Doc Benway. Draven begins by rubbing his hard body and playing with his nipples while smiling over at Doc. Then he undoes his pants and starts to fluff his uncut meat, pulling his balls and playing with the foreskin. But when Draven gloves up and opens an autoclave bag, Doc knew this was going to be more interesting than a simple solo. Draven pulls a metal sound from the bag, lubes it up and begins to fuck his piss slit with the rod, constantly looking over at Doc with a mischievous smile. With the first sound not quite enough, Draven trades it for an even larger rod and continues to work his urethra until he cant handle anymore, beats out a load and eats every drop.
Featuring glory holes, watersports, brutal hardcore sex, group action, humiliation, bondage and more, Pony Up! is a relentless sexual feast for the senses!

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Pony Up!

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