Alex Coal, Brianne Blu

Alex Coal, Brianne Blu Genres: Lesbian
Have you ever been in love with your boyfriend's sister? That's my predicament, and to make it worse, she lives in the same house as us. Her name is Alex Coal, she's my best friend, and I'm Brianne Blu, her best friend. We've been like two peas in a pod these last three years. She's a lesbian, out and proud, and I seethe in jealousy when she goes out on a date. I analyze her every glance, how she holds my hand at times when we go out, and I'm starting to think that my deep affection for her is mutual. I'm suffering and the only way I will get relief is to feel her lips against mine!
You have to understand Alex, she's the type of girl who always does the right thing, and so even if she is in love with me, she might not want to be with me because of her brother. I lay in bed, next to her sleeping brother, and I dream about beautiful Alex. I dream of kissing her, the way her face would look like from beneath her perfect thighs, and as my fingers get slippery from my orgasm, I realize.. I will go to her tonight

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Alex Coal, Brianne Blu

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