That Which She Hates Most

That Which She Hates Most Release Year: 2021
Studio: PureTaboo
Cast: Whitney Wright, Reagan Foxx, Ana Foxxx
Genres: All Sex, Blowjob, Hardcore, Role Play
Video language: English
Family roleplay screne. Later, it seems like the assessment is going well. There are lots of smiles and the body language between the ladies seems relaxed and warm as they talk. Leah is excited and nervous throughout while evelyn is polite and attentive, though seems impressed. Evelyn can be seen jotting things down on her clipboard throughout.
Finally, toni (ana foxxx) arrives home, calling out as she walks in through the front door. Leah excitedly excuses herself from evelyn and greets toni with a kiss on the lips. There is warmth and love between them. Evelyn looks shocked for a moment at this pda. She doesn't say anything but her expression subtly hardens, her jaw clenching as she scribbles pointedly on her clipboard. Leah cheerfully brings toni to meet evelyn.
Evelyn is still polite as she insists that she has everything she needs to make a decision and takes her leave, even if it's a bit abrupt. Leah and toni are not aware that anything is amiss, instead thinking that evelyn's words and departure mean that she's had a positive visit. Leah and toni are excited as leah gushes to toni about how well the whole thing went and how she's sure they're finally going to have the family they've always wanted.

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Duration: 1:01:58
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That Which She Hates Most

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