Her Date For The Night

Her Date For The Night Release Year: 2022
Studio: AdultTime
Cast: Pristine Edge
Genres: All sex, Blowjob, Hardcore, MILF
Video language: English
Jay romero finds his stepmother, pristine edge, dressed up for a night out and looking excited. But then she gets a text message, and after reading it she becomes sad. When jay asks pristine what's wrong, she explains that her husband (jay's other parent) was supposed to take her out to a nice dinner for their anniversary. But her husband is such a workaholic that he has canceled their plans... Again. Jay is upset on pristine's behalf, then gets an idea. He tells pristine to keep her date clothes on, and join him in the kitchen in an hour. He then leaves, and pristine is curious. An hour later, jay calls pristine into the kitchen. As she enters the room, jay presents to her a bouquet of flowers and a candlelit dinner. The food isn't especially fancy, and jay is dressed up in a suit that's slightly too big for him, but pristine appreciates the effort. Jay says he still wants this occasion to be special for her, and offers to be her date for the night. Pristine is deeply touched, and gladly accepts. After dinner, pristine is very thankful for jay's kindness, though innocently reflects on how jay can't do everything that she'd like to feel special on the date. Pristine admits that she was hoping to be intimate with her husband that night.

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Duration: 33:58
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Her Date For The Night

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