Ready to Play part 3

Ready to Play part 3 Phoenix comes to us with much experience in professional BDSM as well as an interest in the BDSM lifestyle...and after seeing her long and lean body in the flesh, I was ready to dig in...Someone with a sincere affinity for BDSM play should be ready to acknowledge all sorts of protocol...Mine is very simple...Do what I say, when I say it and if you cannot, you better have a fully justified reason ready to go...I was happy to see Pheonix respond to all my declarations and doctrines as I whip her spread body before I bind her...that pleased feeling lasted the rest of our session...playing with Pheonix is very easy...She takes very difficult rigs with a smile and she happily emotes every range of her submissive pyche'...from the calm solitude of someone who loves to be bound, to the frenzied feelings of dealing with total discomfort and anxious situations...and Phoenix cums hard...and her orgasms seem to go on forever...a very fitting reward for someone who gives so much of herself as a bottom.

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Ready to Play part 3

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