Beretta James

Beretta James Cast: Beretta James
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Hardcore, Domination, Oral
Video language: English
Beretta James is one of the hottest Porn Stars you never heard of. She is local to The Bay Area and has only ever shot for 2 companies. At 35 years of age Beretta is one of the hottest people on the planet, and not only that but she loves being bound, dominated and sexually roughed up. The perfect woman!
Nothing fancy today, we just come in and fuck Beretta up. She has a tiny little black dress on no bra, no panties, that's how she arrived at the studio, sexy and slutty. We quickly bind her elbows and wrist together, within seconds she is completely helpless.
We add nipple suction cups to make her big nipples even bigger. Almost 3" of nipple gets sucked up into the tube, even Beretta cannot believe how big we make them. We make Beretta show off her ass and body, then command her to get on her knees and open that pretty little mouth of hers with those puffy huge blow job lips. Beretta is built for sex. Long tan legs, puffy lips, huge nipples and a tiny tight ass.
We star fucking her face slowly and build and build to a brutal deep throat fucking of epic proportions. We hold the cock all the way down her throat, over and over. Beretta is a cock sucking champ but even we crack her armor, and soon she is struggling as her skull is fucked deep into subspace. We flash Beretta's brain, pick her off the ground, bend her over and fuck her wet, tight pussy. Within seconds this cougar is cumming like a common whore with the cock banging the back of her cervix.
We set Beretta back on her knees, pull off the suction cups and bind her HUGE massive nipples in twine. We strappado our helpless sex zombie to her neck, she must keep her arms up. We then pull her nipples out. She is being pulled from three different direction with the end result being she can't move an inch. If she does, she suffers. We take out a vibrator and make her cum over and over. The only thing she can do is cum and she can't even control that anymore...

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Beretta James

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