Giants - Part 2

Giants - Part 2 Studio: Ragingstallion
Giants, Part 2 continues a sizzling sexual adventure through a sun-soaked, passion-filled vineyard. Follow ten hardbodied vintners as they satisfy their erotic needs under the sun and through the twilight into the night. A fine vintage with excellent body, tight corkage guaranteed to whet your appetite for an inspired frenzy of fucking.
Scene 1: D.O. and Logan McCree
DO holds on tight to Logan McCree and kisses and licks his tattooed lovers lips and face. He then grabs ahold of Logans cock and sucks it down his throat, nursing on it gently and slowly at first, then working it faster and more vigorously. DOs muscular body ripples in . Logan pants with pleasure with the tongue massage and before long hes down on his knees gobbling up DOs perfect dick. Logans head bobs back and forth as he swallows the swollen shaft, encouraging DO to fuck his face and fill this throat with stiff cock. The men get into 69ing position and suck each other off before Logan pulls up and straddles DOs face to feed him more cock plus balls and ass. Logan next mounts his man and slides his eager hole down onto DOs thick cock. He slams his ass down the meatpole, absorbing every precious inch. DO stops to rim Logans assmaking it hang open, a gaping, quivering sexhole that needs to be fucked. He resumes plugging it fast and hard until he finally pulls out and sprays white hot cum across Logans tattooed body. The men end their session entwined in a relaxed, satisfied embrace.
Scene 2: Donny Wright, Tommy Defendi, Damien Crosse
Tommy Defendi, Donny Wright and Damien Crosse raise their glasses and toast to a beautiful weekend and to beautiful boys. No need wasting any more time talking; all three know what they want and quickly get busy kissing and groping. Tommy and Donny sink to their knees and take turns sucking Damiens chubby cock, juicing it up with spit. Then Damien tackles his two friends dicks, gagging on one and then the other. Ready for more, the three studs start to fuck. Damien squats over Donny and lowers himself onto a towering dick and rides it like a frenzied bronco buster. Donny never looked betterbeautiful face, tight body, a dusting of fine chest hairwho would not want to fuck a man like this! And not wanting to ignore Damiens giant, throbbing lovemuscle, Tommy bends over to suck it. Donny takes it in both holes at the same time! Tommy soon takes his turn fucking Damiens plump bubble butt. Soon they switch places and Damien shows why he is one of the worlds best tops. Donny is on the sidelines jonesing for a piece of Tommys ass and he finally breaks in to screw his pal hard. Damien and Donny tag team Tommys manhole and then one after the other, they shoot their wads. Tommy finishes himself off by hand, grunting with each tug until he finally lets loose rope after rope of jizz.
Scene 3: Rusty Stevens and Francesco DMacho
After strolling through the rows of grapevines and picking some bunches of the ripened fruit, Rusty Stevens and Francesco DMacho wander farther down the vineyard to drink each other in. Rusty, his hairy muscular chest drenched in noon-day sweat, pulls the hunky studs pants open and gets busy sucking down his big cock. He works his mouth and tongue all over the massive rod, getting er and hornier with every generous slurp. Then they move onto a blanket spread out on a grassy field to continue their romantic tryst. The sexual energy between the two lovers is electric and palpable; both men are wallowing in their torrid connection and its sensuality. Man against man, muscles taught with tension, passion unrestrainedall contribute to a near perfect sexual experience. Francesco slides his engorged cock deep inside Rustys asshole and fucks him hard. The happy duo work nonstop in a steady rhythm, celebrating and exploiting each other with fevered abandon until they finally separate and stroke themselves to climax. Francesco splashes his buddys chest with streaks of cum, and thats quickly followed by Rustys own creamy load.
Scene 4: Angelo Marconi and Aybars
Angelo Marconi sits in his easy chair, relaxing with a glass of wine. He enjoys the peace of the vineyard as he relaxes his muscles. He is soon joined by his hairy buddy Aybars, who he welcomes into his arms. The men kiss and grab onto each other before Angelo sinks to the ground, pulls out Aybars tasty turkish cock and guzzles it down. He deepthroats the thick prick as Aybars throws his head back with pleasure. Angelo kneels forward on a chair, exposing his asshole for his long-haired lover to rim. Aybars runs his tongue up and inside the crack, making it slick with his saliva. He soon has Angelo begging for more. Aybars is quick to make his partner happy and he jams his cock deep inside Angelos tight hole to fuck him fast and furious. The action continues non-stop and Angelos sighs and scrunched-up face reflect the pain and pleasure of the assault. Aybars finally pulls out and squeezes a load of juicy cum all over Angelo. Angelo returns the favor, covering Aybars in his own sperm.
Scene 5: Francesco DMacho and David V
David V and Francesco DMacho are enjoying their wine, soaking in the warm afternoon on the porch. The men eye one another with a sexual curiosity they can barely contain. In many ways they are oppositesDavid V is smooth, muscular, and tighta stunning man in a small package; Francesco is hugea man of muscle and ink, hairy, proud, and confident. In flash, theyre making out before David quickly goes down on Francesco. He teases, tickles, tongues and tastes Italian cock with a series of slurps and gulps that has Francesco moaning and groaning. Eager to show he can give as good as he gets, Francesco gets his licks in on Davids dick. He stuffs it entirely inside his mouth to feed his ever-growing hunger. Francesco then attacks David from the rear, burying his face between his round asscheeks to munch on his hole. Having primed Davids ass to his liking, Francesco slams his big dick inside and fucks him. Then the big guy moves into a supine position so David can sit atop and grind his ass onto his big cock. David bounces up and down, riding Francesco. They change places and David fucks his partner up the ass, pumping in as hard and as fast as he can until he withdraws and creams Francescos face and chest with his cum. Francesco sits back and masturbates, ending their exhaustive session with an explosion of his creamy spooge.

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Giants - Part 2

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