Sightseeing Studio: Staxus
Yet another great porn DVD from Staxus, this time its Sightseeing, where the boys after visiting some monuments, they get to try some monumental dicks!
Scene 1 : Hans Lecker, Nick Fox
To start off, Nick is one lucky boy, after showing Hans around on his first visit to Prague, but in one of those breather breaks, Hans cant keep himself from kissing Nick, which makes Nick take him home to show Hans whats really good in town!
Scene 2 : David Hollister, Shovi Khal
In the second scene, After a day out the boys are back and David knows just what he wants to do! Without doubt a plan that doesnt disappoint at all! Soon after sitting down on the sofa both boys pants are down and David is on his knees sucking off Shovis cock and later Shovi is quick to rim Davids sweet hole in anticipation of whats to come!
Scene 3 : Jim Bridges, Tyler Scott
In the penultimate scene, Tyler arrives at Jims house after arriving from vacation, and his feet are in need of a massage, which Jim gives him, but Tyler has a surprise for his friend! Which he doesnt hold back in giving him, or us it really doesnt come as a surprise anymore that Tyler sucks the boys cock for quite a while before getting Jim to roll over to rim his sweet hole, but Tyler only does it for the pleasure he gets rimming a hole, as soon as hes finished hes laying on his back with his ass up ready for Jim.
Scene 4 : Nick Fox, Rodion Taxa
And maybe saving the best scene for last, Nick sure knows how making someone feel at home, giving Rodion a warm welcome was his intention all along. Soon Rodion is lying with his pants barely down and Nick is busy giving some oral pleasure to the boy, who at this point is moaning in pleasure. With a change in position, reading now on top of Nick rubbing each others cocks together whilst kissing, and jerking both cocks at the same time sure does set the mood even further, and Nick gets the idea of what hes going to do next! After Rodion sucks Nicks cock, Nick is face deep in Rodions ass rimming his hole, in anticipation of what is to come!

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:41:31
Video: 1920x1080, MP4V, 5856kbps
Audio: 103kbps

File size: 4.3 GB
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