Belle Gets a Pet

Belle Gets a Pet Belle has been very excited about swtiching for SocietySM and having the chance to control her own whore-pet...Bane prepares Mena Li...ties her up, strips her and enjoys her naked helplessness before leaving her bound for Belle...Belle likes women...especially having control of them...Although she is stern and punishing when she has to be, Belle is mostly interested in ripping orgasm after orgasm from Mina's sweet pink pussy....Mina is a perfectly tanned polynesian beauty....exotic and loaded with tits and lips and big brown eyes, Mina doesn't seem to mind being a captive whore as long as she's quite sure her pussy got pushed to it's limits on this the final scene, Bane and Belle work her over together...Belle straps a dildo gag into Mena's mouth and twerk fucks her face until she releases powerful orgasms of her own.

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Belle Gets a Pet

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