Dillon - A Long Teasing - Part 2

Dillon - A Long Teasing - Part 2 In part 2, poor Dillon starts to clench his thighs together to keep from cumming and begging me to let him cum. He's hyperventilating and whimpering, his high pitched, desperate whining fills the room while I keep bringing him right to the edge and stopping. When I finally give him permission, I bring him slowly to the brink, then stop, telling him it was taking too long, and he is in frustrated agony. When I start stroking again, I mercifully pick up the pace and stroke him to an intense orgasm, shooting a huge load everywhere while he's saying "thank you daddy, thank you daddy." But, he still gets some delicious tickle torment after because this time he didn't ask for permission.

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Dillon - A Long Teasing - Part 2

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