Controlling the Tease

Controlling the Tease Belle oozes sexuality...and innocence...not every young woman goes through this time of development, lacking either trait...but Belle blossomed in this state and doesnt seem to change...part of her always resides above her slutty soul, refusing that path in totality, im sure part of her attraction is that conflict...longing to be used in her every tease, and Belle is definitely a tease...but when the tease loses her ability to tease because you tie them up and gag them, the tease turns into a very obedient slut with a dripping wet and warm pussy...and that was my mission on this take away Belle's most alluring powers, and own them myself...just to keep her separate from them proved to be an erotic experience for me...As a Dom, I experience different bottoms much differently...Belle is like my perfect fantasy slut...from her sexy voice, to her style and beauty , to her pink pussy...her pussy is magical...I give it pain, I give it pleasure and Belle does the only thing she can do...she endures is a very erotic fashion.

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Controlling the Tease

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