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In the five scenes of Male Watch, European musclestuds get photographed by a frisky photographer. In every case, it doesn't take much for the photoguy to succumb to the allure of these buffed, toned, hung European guys.

The first scene is a real sizzler. James Bajital photographs a session with the spikey haired Matthew Sakk and handsome bottomboy Connor Zaftos. It moves to a make out session, as Bajital undresses to reveal a hard, delicious looking cock. Sakk takes this piece of meat in his lips as he leans over to kiss Zaftos.

Sakk decides to get the first dibs on some ass. He pushes into an all-fours Zaftos as Bajital takes care of him from the other end. Sakk's balls slap against his hole. Next, its Bajital's turn, who as usual demonstrates that his lithe body is just bursting with energy.

Bajital opens his ass to Sakk's nice cock in a sideways screw, revealing a perfectly shaved hole. Bajital grinds his body and shoots his load. Sakk unloads on Bajital's pecs and Zaftos splatters all over himself.

The next scene depicts an exciting meeting of super-top hitting super-bottom. Dalton Labda (the boxcover boy) has a tall, fully defined body. Fele looks related to Falcon supertop Matthew Rush. Labda's manpole is an immense weapon, actually bigger then Rush's.

Fred Fele is a perfect muscle bottom in classic High Octane style. His thighs and ass are full, muscular with a big capacity inside for cocks. It swallows up Labda's rigid rod without any complaint either. They kiss before Labda tops Fele with a passion.

Labda slams him from behind, and then Fele squats on the mantool. Fele gets reamed in many positions. Labda knows how to pound butt. To finish, Fele sucks Labda into a big firey eruption.

After this comes a high-powered five way. Isidore Nadas pairs up with rugged hunk Logan Sajnal, and boy-next-door type Isaac Nadir pairs with Luke Jarkal, a short guy whose short but solidly built from head to toe.

They are photographed by cutie Bryan Abban, who soon loses his camera to join the frey. Nadir soon sticks his dick in Nadas's face as he's getting pumped by Sajnal. At the other end of the couch, Jarkal's priority is getting is very big cock up into Abban's cute ass.

A high point is when Jarkal and Nadir switch around on Nadas, a versatile High Octane regular. These guys switch around, making this the film's hottest scene. They all fire off some hot money shots too, with Nadir in particular delivering a hot load.

The next scene couples Fred Modod with muscular Samual Galamb, another nice powerbottom.

Here both models possess some incredible beefy thighs. Modod, who is filming, puts his camera down and starts kissing Galamb. Galamb is on his knees worshiping Modod's pole. After rimming him, Modod pumps him hard from behind.

Galamb sits on it, as his own hard dick swings around in the air as he grinds his body up and down. They finish by shooting out nice money shots.

The final scene is a duet, with first-timer Joseph Bajusz standing off doing a solo. The main action involves the wiry Michael Sarlo, a powerbottom who takes Andrew Kabat's dick in both his mouth and bubble ass. Sarlo's butt cheeks grip Kabat's big dick tightly, who bangs him at a faster and faster rate. Sarlo shoots first, followed by a plentiful load from Kabat.

Europe's finest musclestuds screw and suck their way through Male Watch. James Bajital is a great versaboy, and the duet with Dalton Labda and Fred Fele should not be missed.

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Male Watch

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