ChaosMen - Luka Phoenix and Max Romano Edge

ChaosMen - Luka Phoenix and Max Romano Edge Release Year: 2022
Studio: ChaosMen
Cast: Luka Phoenix, Max Romano
Genres: bdsm, gay, hunks, oral, edging
We find Luka Phoenix seated nervously in his chair as Max Romano enters the room with a blindfold. Max asks Luka if he's ready. Luka gives his consent, then Max applies the blindfold before kneeling to secure Luka's wrists to his chair.Max quickly helps himself to Luka's quickly-inflating cock, pulling it through Luka's fly as Max explores Luka's toned chest with his hands. Max leans in and teases Luka's cock with his mouth as Luka moans with delight.Alternating between stroking and brief oral stimulation, it's not long before Max has Luka squirming in his seat. Max stands and the two share a kiss. Max grabs some lube and continues to stroke Luka's hard, fat cock.As Max brings Luka to the edge, he pauses, pulls out his cock and slaps it playfully on Luka's shoulder. Luka leans over and takes Max's dick into his mouth, nursing on it as Max goes back to stroking Luka's cock.Max repeatedly brings Luka to the edge of climax, alternating his technique between stroking and deep-throating Luka's massive cock as Luka thrusts his hips. When Luka needs a break, Max stands and delivers his cock to Luka's warm mouth.Ready to bust his nut, Luka announces that he's going to cum. Max strokes a thick load out of Luka's engorged cock, leaning forward to suck every last drop of cum out before standing and firing his own explosive load all over Luka's chest, face, the floor, and outer space.Painted with Max's seed, Luka leans over and slurps up the last remaining drops of cum from Max's cock. The two share a kiss and Max exits the room, leaving Luka secured to his chair. Who knows - maybe he's still sitting there to this day!

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:20
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 4840kbps
Audio: 186kbps
ChaosMen - Luka Phoenix and Max Romano Edge

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