Darina – 6 kilos

Darina – 6 kilos Locked in her 4.5 kilos (belt and extreme collar), Darina would have to try to make it till the next morning. I was a little concerned about her, but every time I went to check up on her she was so cheerful and positive I couldn’t believe it!
She asked me if she could go to the toilet. There was a little bit of a language barrier, so I don’t think she fully understood the Challenge was that the belt would NOT come off even once until the next morning. Much to her surprise, I gave her the key to the small padlock on the belts very unique secondary shield. It can hinge open, revealing the vaginal slot through which Darina would have to pee. Instead of being upset, Darina thought this was hilariously funny.
When she came back from the toilet, I had another surprise waiting for her: a pair of Clejuso model 15 heavyweight handcuffs. These cuffs are about 1.5 kilos, bringing the total amount of metal locked onto young Darina to 6 kilograms! That’s a lot of metal! Darina did not even hesitate. She locked the cuffs onto her wrists immediately. Well, she asked me if I was sure I had a key, to which I replied ‘maybe…’ Darina just smiled and tested the weight of these new cuffs on her wrists.
Then she just kept doing what she loves most: taking selfies. Like most girls in a Chastity Deal, taking selfies is basically what Darina will do all day. She showed me a few nice ones of her in all this metal. I wonder where she was sending those pictures, because they weren’t exactly Instagram proof! Oh well, it seems Darina is perfectly fine. But she will have to sleep, shower, etc too, so she is not done yet, she has a long time to go in this heavy gear!

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Darina – 6 kilos

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