Lady Sonia

Lady Sonia Release Year: 2018
Cast: Lady Sonia
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He called knowing that I would be at home alone and my husband would be out. Completely unaware of what he had planned I made him a cup of tea and then went to answer my phone and while I was out of the room and he took his chance and carefully poured the substance over the sugar cube and then put the sugar into my tea... It just took a couple of sips... One moment I am a prim and proper housewife preparing for an evening home with my husband when all of a sudden I start to feel hot and I get a strange tingling sensation in my pussy as I feel myself getting wet! I can feel my clit start to grow and all I seem to be able to thing about is the young mans cock and how desperate I am to feel it inside me! I really don't know what is happening and no matter how hard I try not to my eyes just keep moving to his crotch and I am desperate to feel him! I try so desperately to keep control but as the substance goes to work it's just impossible for me not to do something about it and in minutes I have taken him up to my bedroom and he is fucking me with his thick cock and I am a desperate panting whore ready to do that he wants to do with me! His thick cock stretches me as I mount him and ride him hard... I know that my husband is going to be able tell that something has happened... But this young mans plans also include filling me with his cum even though he knows that I am not using any form of contraception at all! He has made his plans very carefully and now he is going to REALLY enjoy himself with my tight married pussy and there is absolutely nothing that I can do about it!

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Lady Sonia

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