The Perfect Treat

The Perfect Treat This busty blonde loves to be tied up. She fantasizes and masturbates about it, but she doesn't have too, too much experience with it. I suppose you could say, on this day, her fantasies are about to come true. Or maybe they shall be a bit more than she could have imagined?...If she thought this might be some type of dream, she's quickly awakened as she finds herself in Ogre's steel grip as he grabs a fleshy handful of those tits. Then, Courtney is instructed to straddle the Sybian. Her pussy is filled, and her hands are cuffed and bound overhead, and Courtney is now introduced to a day of pain and pleasure as her Master tests her thresholds. From the very beginning to the bitter end, Courtney experiences firsthand the excruciating guttural experience as she is whipped and beaten into an oblivious, orgasmic state. This beautiful damsel is a mere toy in her Master's hands, as we all get a taste of this perfect Halloween treat from DungeonCorp.

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The Perfect Treat

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