Hollywood Babylon

Hollywood Babylon Two extremely beautiful ladies in the Dungeon, makes for a true den of iniquity. One shall retain control over the other and take them to places rarely seen. Such is the case when Holly vibes Ash off to a wicked orgasm despite her best intentions. Perturbed, Holly instructs lovely little Ash that she needs to follow orders a bit better and her punishment comes in the form of a sturdy crotch roping...Next belly down, Ash really starts to feel Holly's wrath as a crop is taken to her tender ass. Holly works her flesh thoroughly before mounting her prize from behind. From crop to whip and Ash is spread on the bench as she's getting machine fucked. A pole mounted wand is pressed against her clit and Ash is eager to show her appreciation when Holly drops her panties. She hungrily and obediently laps at her Mistresses pussy resulting in an orgasmic, chain reaction between the two...Then Ash is bent and restrained and subjected to some more ass thrashing. Pushing Ash further and further before leaving her bound and twitching in the Dungeon.

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Hollywood Babylon

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